Thank you to everyone who stood UP! for consumers on March 28th!

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Enjoy the photos from the event below. Click on the image for the full-size version.
All photos © David W. Cohen Photography

Board member Brendan Donckers, Breskin Johnson & Townsend, with raffle winner Elizabeth Hanley, Reed Longyear Malnati & Ahrens, PLLC. Elizabeth won a full subscription to the Consumer Law Practice Series donated by the National Consumer Law Center.

Connie Thompson, Consumer Reporter, KOMO News.

Board Chair David Leen with Brendan Ansier representing Stand Up! Sponsor EPIQ Global.

Board Chair David Leen introducing Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Congresswoman Jayapal, Board Vice Chair Beth Terrell, and Board Chair David Leen.

Daniel Dawsey and Jeff Lee, representing Stand Up! Sponsor FindLaw.

Eric Kierkegaard, Jacqueline Brasefield, and Stephanie Westfield representing Stand Up! Sponsor Garden City Group.

NWCLC Legal Director Amanda Martin and former NWCLC Client Jennifer Williams.

Christine Mosley and Vanessa Padelford representing Stand Up! Sponsor JND Legal Administration.

Board members Joan Fairbanks and Sart Rowe.

Paula Littlewood, Executive Director of the Washington State Bar Association, Board member Beth Terrell of Terrell Marshal Law Group, and Liz Berry, Executive Director of the Washington State Association for Justice.

NWCLC Volunteer Paralegal Mary C. Dempsey and Volunteer Sara Sanford.

Noah Samuels, NWCLC Executive Director.

Joshua Turnham of Turnham Law and NWCLC Board Member Forrest Carlson of Assemble Law.

Luke Holtz, Brett Jones, Bill Zimmerman, and Rob Hasslinger of Country Ü.

NWCLC Legal Intern and Volunteer Madeleine Anderson.

Left to right: Attorney Marc Stern, NWCLC Board Vice Chair Melissa Huelsman, and NWCLC Board Member Forrest Carlson of Assemble Law.

Jennifer Ortega, LLLT, of Legal Technician Division, PLLC.

NWCLC Board Chair Melissa Huelsman (center right) and guests.

Left to right: Jerry Kroon, Executive Director of Eastside Legal Assistance Program (ELAP); Noah Samuels, NWCLC Executive Director; and Al McNeil, NWCLC Board Member.

Proudly representing NWCLC. Left to right: Board Members Al McNeil, Melissa, Huelsman, and Guy Beckett.

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson addresses the crowd.

U.S. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal addresses the crowd as NWCLC Board Chair David Leen looks on.

NWCLC Client Jennifer Williams shares her story with the crowd.

Guests and NWCLC Volunteers observe the festivities.

Guests, volunteers, and staff mixed and mingled to make a great event.

Guests enjoyed the catering by Farestart as they mixed and mingled with NWCLC volunteers and staff.

Judge Robert H. Alsdorf and Sarah Alsdorf, long time NWCLC supporters.

Forefront left to right: Seattle University School of Law Professors Mimi Samuel and Deborah Borman.

Left to right: Jennifer Ortega, LLLT, from Legal Technician Division; Celeste Miller from Social Justice Advocates; and Stacie Naczelnik from Sound Family Law.

NWCLC Board Member Brendan Donckers, partner at Breskin Johnson & Townsend PLLC, announces the winner of the raffle for a complete set of the National Consumer Law Center’s Consumer Law Practice Series.

NWCLC Board Member Sheila O’Sullivan and Omar Barraza from Barraza Law, PLLC.

NWCLC Board Member Tim Harrison and his wife Kelley.

Left to right: NWCLC client speakers Jennifer Williams and Margaret Dibb.

Former NWCLC client Margaret Dibb and NWCLC Board Member Sam Leonard, who helped represent Margaret in her fight against an abusive debt collector.