Hello, my name is Quinn Ferrar and I’m a new intern at Northwest Consumer Law Center. I am currently in my senior year at Seattle University. I will graduate in June with a political science degree and a double minor in Spanish and creative writing. I am originally from Honolulu, Hawaii where I like to return for a respite during Seattle winters.

After graduation, I plan to stay in Seattle while preparing for law school. Representation for vulnerable groups is incredibly important to me, and I currently help my community by writing about local politics and interest pieces for my school publication The Spectator, and volunteering for local campaigns as a canvasser. In my free time I enjoy hiking (weather permitting), exploring the Seattle music scene, and tutoring Spanish.

The law has interested me since I was young (I was Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Halloween), and I have been fortunate enough to work with Honolulu firms as a media consultant. During my tenure here I hope to gain a more practical knowledge of legal practices and cultivate familiarity with consumer law. I also intend to meet and consult with others in the profession as diversity of contacts will better prepare me for my own career. I am excited to have the opportunity to support the NWCLC in the good work they do for Washingtonians, and to do any of the hands-on work they need to achieve their goals.


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