My name is Madeleine Anderson and though I am a Seattle native, I recently graduated from Santa Clara University in California. I received a BS in Economics and Political Science with an integrated pathway and focus on democracy. While I am grateful to be finished with my undergraduate career, I remain notably inspired by my time in classes such as Economics of Poverty and Inequality and Economics of the Public Sector.

I became interested in consumer law while interning at the Consumer Reports West Coast office, formerly known as Consumers Union. During this time I worked on national advocacy campaigns that focused on telemarketing scams and medical billing. It was fascinating to see how millions of consumers were affected by the same issues, and how public policy played a role in preventing their presence and solving their repercussions.

As I apply for law school and enjoy a gap year, I am interning at Northwest Consumer Law Center to see a different side of consumer advocacy and learn about the issues that affect individual consumers in the community around us. I wish to understand where our neighbors are facing troubles, and how the right access to legal aid can support positive recoveries. I am looking forward to playing a part in bringing consumer justice to Washington residents!

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