The Northwest Consumer Law Center welcomes Cy Pres awards to support our work for low and moderate income consumers.

The term Cy Pres is from the French meaning “as near as possible” and Cy Pres awards allow unclaimed settlement funds from class-action suits to be distributed to nonprofit organizations that are most likely to pursue the interests of the settlement.  Class counsel often has the ability to nominate charitable organizations like NWCLC to receive these funds. Any Cy Pres awards received will be used to further NWCLC’s mission:

The Northwest Consumer Law Center zealously advocates, litigates, and promotes access to justice for low and moderate income clients, and through its education programs, empowers consumers with the knowledge and resources to protect their rights.

If you have any questions about whether NWCLC might be appropriate for Cy Pres in a particular case, please contact
Noah Samuels,
Executive Director at 206 -805-1720

We would like to thank these firms for the following Cy Pres awards:

Morgan v. U.S. Bank National Association

Schroeter Goldmark & Bender
Berry & Beckett, PLLP
Williamson & Williams LLC
Lock Lord LLP

Peterson v. Kitsap Community Federal Credit Union

Siderius, Lonergan & Martin, LLP
Berry & Beckett, PLLP

Gardner v. GMAC Mortgage
Smith v. Homecomings Financial

Schroeter Goldmark & Bender
Berry & Beckett, PLLP
Williamson & Williams LLC

Smith v. Sun Trust Mortgage, Inc

Berry & Beckett, PLLP
Schroeter Goldmark & Bender
Williamson & Williams LLC
Lane Powell PC

Rinky Dink Inc., et al. v. Electronics Merchant Systems Inc., et al.

Terrell Marshall Law Group PLLC
Williamson & Williams LLC
Foster Pepper LLC
Badgley Mullins Turner PLLC
Arent Fox LLP

Folweiler Chiropractic PS v. Allstate Fire & Casualty Ins. Co. and Allstate Ins. Co.

Breskin Johnson & Townsend PLLC

Auxier v. Physicians and Dentists Credit Bureau, et al.

Berry & Becket, LLP

Thank you for being Champions for Consumers!

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