Hello! My name is Alyssa Hall and I am a sophomore studying Political Science with a focus in International Security at the University of Washington.  I wanted to intern at Northwest Consumer Law Center because it seemed like a perfect cross section of my passion for non-profit work and advocacy as well as a chance to explore a potential career in law. Consumer Law specifically is a field I knew very little about, but now that I’ve gotten the chance to spend time looking at the kinds of cases NWCLC handles I understand the important work they are doing. Advocating for the people who, in most cases, would not get the opportunity for legal representation and likely get taken advantage of is a niche that NWCLC fills well.

So far I’ve gotten the chance to draft bankruptcy petitions, organize client files, speak with potential new clients, and draft demand letters. One of the best things about working as an intern here is that no task seems insignificant, everything NWCLC does down to the intern work is vital to representing the clients in the best way possible. I’m excited to continue to learn and explore law as a potential career path.

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