NWCLC appreciates these visionary individuals and organizations who stepped up to support consumer rights in 2013 and 2014, our first two years.

Bryan Adamson and Ben Page
Hon. Bob Alsdorf (Ret.) and Sarah Alsdorf
Mary Anderson
Bob Anderton
Angeion Group
Lynn Arends
Omar Barraza
Ruby and Trevor Barrus
Adam Berger and Harriet Phinney
Berry & Beckett, PLLP
Breskin Johnson & Townsend, PLLC
Bush Strout & Kornfeld LLP
Byrnes Keller Cromwell LLP
Diana Carey
Angela Ceaser
Chemnick Moen Greenstreet
Coastal Community Bank
Gregory Cody
Judge Harriett Cody (Ret.) and Harvey Sadis
Law Offices of Kenneth H. Coleman, P.S.
Cecilia Cordova
D.C. Cronin
Amy and Paul Curtis
Wally and Carrol  Desharnais
Lisa Donaldson and Kurt Knigge
Dan Drummey
Joe and Ann Duffy
Merf Ehman and Jane Altemose
Jeff Eustis
Joan Fairbanks
Dan and Cindy Fazio
Sally and Rob Garatt
Tony Gewald and Dona Golden
Matt Geyman and Amy Arvidson
Howard Goodfriend and Helen Anderson
John* and Lynn Gose
Jamie Graves-Kautz
John Greenway
Renee Greer
Stan  and Judy Gregg
Kim Gunning
Lara Gustavson
Jim and Meredith Hailey
Charlie and Adrienne Hall
Tony Harris
Christina Henry
Zachary B. Herschensohn
Jerry and Eileen Hertel
Mary Jo Heston
Paul Holland and Tana Lin
Frank R. Hoover
David T. Huber
Melissa Huelsman
Jean E. Huffington
SaraEllen Hutchison
Lori Hyde
Dmitri Iglitzin
Joyce Ziker Parkinson, PLLC
Judicial Dispute Resolution
John and Michelle Kaplan
Julia Kellison
Gary and Liz Ketcheson
Zeshan Khan

Scott and Sanam Kitch
Bruce and Terri Kriegman
Mary and Mike Lanier
David Leen
Sam Leonard and Rachel Berkson
Lock Lord LLP
George Lundin
Merilee MacLean and Tony Morris
Francis and Kathleen Mahoney
Peter Maier and Elizabeth Tennant
Richard Manning
Julie Kate Mayer
Al McNeil
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Medora Moburg
Hilary and Dan Mohr
Mary Montgomery and Gary Sparling
Brad Moore
Carolyn Moore
Zoë Myers
Barbara and David Nordfors
Betsey O’Connor and Jim Buechner
Sheila O’Sullivan
Vijya Patel and Scott Block
Jim and Margaret Porter
Mary Reiten
Becky Roe
Brian Rowe
Noah Samuels
Neil R. Sarles
Schroeter Goldmark & Bender
Paul M. Silver
Harry R. Slusher
Jerri Stemmler
Debra Stern
Eric Steven
Joan and Doug Stewart
Erin Stines
Charlie Stixrud
Sherri Stott
Norm and Carol Strong
Teller & Associates
Stephen A. Teller
Terrell Marshall Daudt & Willie PLLC
Beth Terrell
The Seattle Foundation
Angeline Thomas
Christy Tobin-Presser
Mary Anne Vance
Alan Wenokur
Daniel Wershow
Catherine West
Trudi White
Sandy Widlan
Williamson & Williams LLC
Karen A. Willie
Edmund J. Wood
Larry and Carolyn Wyman
Waiseng Yau
Dan R. Young
Saphronia Young
Three donors who wish to remain anonymous

With Special Appreciation to:

Office of the Washington State Attorney General
Washington State Housing Finance Commission
Legal Foundation of Washington

* Deceased