About Northwest Consumer Law Center

Our mission is advancing economic justice. We envision a world where there is justice for all, regardless of income.
The Northwest Consumer Law Center (NWCLC) was conceived in 2011 by a small group of long-standing, dedicated consumer attorneys who saw a dire need for advocacy that focused strictly on consumer issues. We opened our doors in January 2013 with a generous 24 month grant from the Attorneys General National Mortgage Settlement. The program has a dedicated staff guided by our visionary Board of Directors. NWCLC bridges that profound legal gap for low income consumers just above normal legal aid eligibility, providing them with a means to assert and defend their rights. We provide our services at little or no cost to those who qualify. Thanks to our hardworking staff we are experiencing great success. To date we have helped over 3,500 consumers, saved over 200 homes from foreclosure, and freed families from over $10 million in debt through bankruptcy. We have also filed amicus briefs in several successful appeals. We welcome all invitations to speak to public groups and members of the media about the important work we do as well as provide expert opinions on consumer issues faced by the people of Washington State. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance.

Praise from our Clients

  • “Audrey & Noah have been my heroes during this process. There is no doubt that their intervention on my behalf convinced the bank to approve a home modification loan.”

  • “When I came to NW Consumer Law Center my situation was very bleak. If it were not for Audrey and Marcia I do not believe I would have been able to keep my home. They did what I thought would be impossible.”

  • “Many, many thanks to Nathan, Marcia, and the entire NWCLC team for their professionalism, dedication, and caring as they served us and as they serve future clients.”