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We thought you might like to know about some things happening in the consumer world. Click on the bold, blue text to read more on each topic. Marijua


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We thought you might like to know about some things happening in the consumer world. Click on the bold, blue text to read more on each topic.


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Marijuana - Legal, but Now What?

The "legalization" of marijuana and hemp in 2012 was considered by many in Washington to be a great victory, but there are still some important social justice and consumer protection aspects to be considered. NWCLC Founder and Board Member Bryan Adamson discusses what he and his law clinic have found in this insightful blog article.

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Mark Your Calendar for #GivingTuesday!

According to a new report, over 70% of low-income households in Washington have had an average of nine legal problems in the past year - and the second most common of those were consumer-related. Your support gives those households a second chance to save their homes, get back on their feet financially, and fight back against fraud and illegal debt collection. On Tuesday, December 1st, click here to donate and join the worldwide celebration of generosity.


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Should Student Loans be Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

With Americans carrying around over $1.2 trillion in student loan debt, there is a growing movement to undo the 10-year-old laws preventing almost all student loans from being eliminated in bankruptcy. Of particular concern to the movement is the fact that private student loans are often predatory and do not offer the rehabilitation or repayment options that government-backed student loans offer. The think tank Brookings Institution recently weighed in on the issue. Their studies found that very few if any borrowers took unfair advantage of bankruptcy before those 2005 laws were passed. However, they warned that more lenient bankruptcy laws might make student loans harder to get and more expensive to repay. Until and unless the laws are changed, we recommend as always that anybody struggling with their share of that $1.2 trillion - at least those with government loans - should look into more affordable repayment options.





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