No New Pro Bono Cases

Unfortunately, due to capacity issues and impending changes in our funding, we are not currently able to offer legal representation for free ("pro bono") to new clients or in new legal matters for former or current clients. We remain committed to providing affordable legal services to help fill the "justice gap" and will resume pro bono services as soon as funding allows.

Applying with Our Online Intake Form:

To apply at your convenience, click here to download our fillable Prescreen Form. Then, email the form to or fax it to (206) 805-1720.

Applying by Telephone:

Call our intake message line at (206) 805-1722. To reach us toll-free, call (888) 978-3386 and enter extension 1722 at the prompt. The person who calls back to interview you will not be an attorney and will not be able to offer you legal advice. Intake interviews can take 20 minutes or longer, depending upon your situation.

Who is eligible to get legal help?

You must live in Washington State, and your total household income - before taxes, expenses, deductions, etc. - must be at or below a limit based on the current Federal Poverty Guidelines. Currently the limit is $60,700 per year if you're a 1-person household. For each additional person that is part of, helping to support, and/or being supported by your household, add $21,600. We count all types of income or money that come into your household regularly, such as child support and Social Security.

Your Initial Consultation:

If you have been able to provide us with requested information and your matter is within our scope of work, then we can schedule an initial consultation with one of our staff attorneys. Due to changes in our funding, unfortunately, initial consultations regarding only certain types of legal assistance can be offered without charge. Other types of legal assistance will require an upfront payment for a consultation. During the consultation, the staff attorney will explain your rights and options, answer all your legal questions (subject to our expertise), determine whether or not NWCLC can represent you as a client, and explain the fees and costs required for us to assist you.

If We Cannot Help:

At either the initial interview or consultation stage, if we determine we cannot help you, we will draw from our extensive database of resources to try and get you to the legal help you need.