Applying with Our Online Intake Form (New!):

To apply at your convenience, click here to download our fillable Prescreen Form. Then, email the form to or fax it to (206) 805-1720.

Applying by Telephone:

You will start with an initial interview with our staff to determine eligibility. Call our intake message line at (206) 805-1722. To reach us toll-free, call (888) 978-3386 and enter extension 1722 at the prompt. The person who calls back to interview you will not be an attorney and will not be able to offer you legal advice. Intake interviews can take 20 minutes or longer, depending upon your situation. Unfortunately, due to high call volumes and limited staffing, we are unable to promise a callback timeframe.

Getting Your Free Legal Consultation:

If you are eligible for services and have been able to provide us with requested information, then you will be offered a free consultation. During the consultation, the staff attorney will explain your rights and options, answer all your legal questions (subject to our expertise), determine whether or not NWCLC can represent you as a client, and explain whatever fees and costs may be required for us to assist you.

If We Cannot Help:

At either the pre-screen or consultation stage, if we determine we cannot help you, we will draw from our extensive database of resources to try and get you to the legal help you need.

Who is Eligible for Our Services?

NWCLC uses three basic criteria to determine whether a prospective client will receive assistance: the prospective client must live in Washington State and have a gross household income within 400% the current Federal Poverty Guidelines (see chart below), the type of case presented must be within NWCLC’s current case priorities, and the matter must be legally meritorious (meaning a “good case”).

Please note: these figures may change after December 31st, 2017.